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Best province to live in Canada as a permanent resident

What are the basic expenses of living in Canada with family?

What are the basic expenses of living in Canada with family?
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For many families, the allure of Canada’s vibrant cities, stunning landscapes, and renowned healthcare system paints a picture of the ultimate dream. But before packing your bags and setting sail (or hopping on a plane), it’s crucial to understand the reality of daily life and the associated costs. So, buckle up, family, as we delve into the basic expenses of living in Canada – your roadmap to financial clarity.

Location: The Costly Chameleon

Canada’s vastness translates to diverse living costs. Major cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary will demand a bigger bite out of your budget compared to smaller towns or provinces like Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Rent, for instance, can double or triple between these regions. Factor in proximity to amenities, transportation options, and school districts when choosing your Canadian home.

Shelter: The Bedrock of Your Budget

Housing is likely your biggest expense. Whether renting or buying, be prepared for:

Rent: A one-bedroom apartment in Toronto can cost around $2,200 CAD monthly, while a detached house might reach $4,000 CAD. Expect lower costs in smaller cities.

Utilities: Factor in electricity, water, heating, and internet, averaging $200-$400 CAD monthly.

Property taxes: Homeowners pay annual taxes based on property value, ranging from 0.5% to 2.5%.

Mortgage: If buying, expect a 20% down payment and interest rates hovering around 5%.

Fueling Your Family: Groceries & Dining Out

Food costs vary depending on dietary needs and shopping habits. Expect to spend:

Groceries: A family of four might spend $800-$1,200 CAD monthly on groceries, with fresh produce and meat being pricier.

Dining out: A casual family dinner can cost $50-$75 CAD, while fancier restaurants will be pricier.

Getting Around: Public Transit, Cars, or Both?

Transportation choices impact your budget significantly:

Public transit: Monthly passes in major cities range from $100-$150 CAD, with discounts for families.

Car ownership: Consider car insurance, gas, maintenance, and parking, easily exceeding $500 CAD monthly.

Healthcare: A Universal Right, but Not Free

While basic healthcare is free in Canada, additional costs arise:

Prescription drugs: Not covered by the public system, expect $20-$50 CAD per prescription.

Dental and vision care: Private insurance is recommended, costing $30-$80 CAD monthly per person.

Keeping the Kids Educated: Public vs. Private

Canadian public schools are excellent, but private options come with a hefty price tag:

Public schools: Free to attend, but consider extracurricular activity fees and school supplies.

Private schools: Tuition varies greatly, ranging from $10,000-$30,000 CAD annually.

Other Expenses: Don't Forget the Little Things!

Remember, life doesn’t stop at the basics. Factor in:

Internet and phone: Monthly plans range from $50-$100 CAD.

Clothing and entertainment: Costs vary based on lifestyle and preferences.

Childcare: Daycare can cost $1,000-$2,000 CAD monthly, while nannies charge $20-$30 CAD per hour.

Budgeting for Comfort: Beyond the Basics

The figures above represent basic living expenses. To enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, consider adding:

Savings for emergencies and retirement: Aim for 10-15% of your income.

Travel and leisure: Explore Canada’s diverse offerings!

Personal development: Invest in hobbies, courses, or gym memberships.


Remember: These are estimates. Research specific costs in your chosen location and adjust your budget accordingly.


In conclusion, while the expenses of living in Canada with a family are significant, careful planning and budgeting can make the transition smoother. Understanding the costs associated with housing, education, healthcare, and everyday living is crucial for making informed financial decisions.


Is it expensive to raise a family in Canada compared to other countries?

The cost of living in Canada can vary, but in general, it’s comparable to other developed countries. However, the quality of life and social services often outweigh the expenses.

Are there government programs to help with family expenses?

Yes, Canada offers various government assistance programs to support families in need, covering areas such as childcare, healthcare, and education.

What is the average family income in Canada?

The average family income in Canada varies by region and profession. It’s advisable to research specific areas and industries for accurate information.

How can families save on daily expenses in Canada?

Families can save on daily expenses by budgeting effectively, taking advantage of discounts, and exploring affordable leisure and entertainment options.

Are there differences in living costs between provinces in Canada?

Yes, living costs can differ significantly between provinces. Factors like housing prices, taxes, and available services contribute to these variations.

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