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ICAS: International Credential Assessment Service

Countrywide Visas stands as the leading immigration consultant in Delhi, renowned for our exceptional services. Our journey commenced in 2015 with the mission of providing accurate information and lawful documentation guidance to eager individuals.

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Considering relocating to Canada for studying abroad, working overseas, or settling as a permanent resident? It is essential to obtain an evaluation of your educational qualifications. ICAS is among the organizations recognized by IRCC that offers assessments for foreign credentials.

What is ICAS of Canada?

The International Credential Assessment Service (ICAS) of Canada is one of the organizations and professional bodies authorized by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to evaluate foreign credentials.

What does ICAS do?

ICAS generates assessment reports that aid immigration authorities, educational institutions, and employers in Canada in comprehending your educational qualifications obtained outside the country.

What is an ECA by ICAS?

After evaluating educational credentials, the assessing authority issues a report called the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report. This report grants official recognition to foreign credentials, empowering individuals to pursue their personal, educational, and career aspirations.

ICAS, among the organizations designated by IRCC to offer ECAs, provides credential assessment services for individuals seeking immigration to Canada. Additionally, those seeking admission to colleges in Ontario can turn to ICAS for their assessment needs.

Who is eligible to request an ICAS ECA Report?

ICAS conducts evaluations for more than 10,000 applicants annually, encompassing individuals with:

1. Technical qualifications,

2. Post-secondary qualifications, and

3. Senior-secondary qualifications. Additionally, ICAS maintains an up-to-date on-site research library, featuring samples of various documents from all levels in over 200 countries worldwide.

ICAS Assessment – Charges 


Fee in Canadian Dollars  

General Assessment Report 


Secondary School Comprehensive Assessment Report


Post-secondary Comprehensive Assessment Report 


Secondary and Postsecondary Comprehensive Assessment 


ICAS Assessment Report for Canadian immigration


Other services 

Courier – international 


Courier – to US


Courier – in Canada 


Extra originals (assessment fee includes one original report)

$30, for each extra original 

Electronic copy 


Electronic Transmission to Ontario College Application Service (OCAS)

[Recommended for those applying for admission to colleges in Ontario]


Additional Report for the US 

2 reports issued – (1) comparing education to Ontario/Canada, and (2) comparing education to the US educational system. 

[US reports can only be prepared for applicants currently living in Canada] 


Reports in both English and French 

If documents and/or their translations are provided in English and French. 

2 reports issued – (1) in English, and (2) in French.

General – $60

Comprehensive – $90

Why opt for an assessment from ICAS?

ICAS generates assessment reports that:

1. Detail the education obtained outside Canada.

2. Determine the equivalence of education completed outside Canada.

An ECA report evaluates your academic history to determine your position within the Canadian education system.

Assessments are crafted for various education levels.

How can my ICAS ECA Report benefit me?

1. Applying for Canadian permanent residence,

2. Planning to pursue studies in Canada,

3. Exploring job opportunities in Canada or abroad,

4. Currently residing in Canada with education received outside the country,

5. Applying for a TN visa to work in the US while in Canada (under NAFTA),

6. Educated in a different province/territory of Canada but require an Ontario qualification for study/employment, or

7. Interested in educational programs offered in other countries while residing in Canada,

An ICAS assessment report can pave the way for you to achieve your personal and career aspirations.

How many types of assessment reports does ICAS provide?

ICAS offers four distinct categories of assessment reports. These are -

4 Types of ICAS Reports 

[1] General Assessment Report

  • Most popular
  • Also known as a document-by-document assessment
  • Describes the education completed by the applicant
  • Suggests the comparable level in Ontario/Canada for each of the credentials
  • Most commonly required by employers

[2] Secondary School Comprehensive Assessment Report

  • Assesses senior secondary education completed outside Canada
  • Suggests the comparable level of education in Ontario/Canada
  • Provides a list of all courses/subjects completed as per Grade 12 in Ontario/Canada, with the comparable grades and credit values
  • Most-commonly required for admission to a postsecondary program

[3] Post-secondary Comprehensive Assessment Report 

  • Also known as post-secondary course-by-course assessment
  • Describes the post-secondary - university or college - education completed outside Canada
  • For each credential, the comparable level in Ontario/Canada is given
  • Gives a list of the courses/subjects completed, with the comparable grades and credit values

[4] Secondary and Postsecondary Comprehensive Assessment Report

  • Combines the [2] and [3] above-mentioned. 
  • Describes the education completed 
  • Suggests the education level that it can be compared to in Ontario/Canada 
  • Provides a list of senior secondary and postsecondary courses/subjects completed, along with the comparable grades and credit values. 

Is the ICAS General Assessment Report accepted by IRCC?

No, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada only accepts the Canadian Immigration Assessment Report provided by ICAS.

How to submit an application to ICAS for an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report for immigration?

To pursue Canadian immigration, it is necessary to obtain the Canadian Immigration Assessment Package from ICAS.

ICAS ECA Report for Immigration – Stepwise process


Complete the online application form. 


Receive confirmation email from ICAS, containing – 

  • Your ICAS File Number
  • Document Submission Form
  • Official Records Request Form


Print and complete the Document Submission Form 


Send by mail or courier the following to ICAS office in Canada – 

  • The duly completed Document Submission Form, 
  • Photocopies of the documents for your country (will be mentioned under “To be submitted to ICAS by the applicant”), and
  • Photocopies of any other applicable documents.

What benefits will I receive by choosing the ICAS ECA Report for immigration purposes?

The Canadian Immigration Assessment Package from ICAS offers:

1. Electronic storage of the report for verification by IRCC.

2. An electronic version of the ECA Report.

3. Two original assessment reports.

How can I receive my ICAS ECA Report?

ICAS dispatches reports through standard mail, unless the applicant specifically requests delivery via courier.

How many years is my ICAS-issued ECA Report valid for immigration purposes?

Your ECA Report for immigration purposes, provided by ICAS, will be recognized by IRCC for a period of five years starting from the date of issuance. If needed, you can request a renewal after the initial five-year validity period.

How Countrywide Visas Can Help You Increase Your Chances To Obtain A Canadian PR?

Countrywide Visas stands as one of the fastest-growing immigration consultancies, comprising a dedicated team of immigration experts who provide professional and hassle-free services to clients applying for various immigration programs. Reach out to us with your immigration queries and inquiries by phone at +91 7303889347 or by emailing us at You can also fill out the Technical Assessment Form to receive a call from our immigration specialists, who are ready to guide you through the process of realizing your dream of settling abroad.


What Our Client Say About Us

Mohit Baisoya
Mohit Baisoya
Countrywide Visas not only promises but delivers on reliable timelines. Their efficiency in processing applications adheres to a schedule, providing clients with clarity and confidence.
Vansh Varshney
Vansh Varshney
What sets Countrywide Visas apart is their knack for innovative solutions. They tackle challenges with creativity, ensuring a smooth and efficient application process.
Ridam Singh
Ridam Singh
Countrywide Visas' customer-centric approach is evident in every interaction. They prioritize the client's needs and comfort throughout the entire immigration process.
Aryan Chauhan
Aryan Chauhan
Beyond paperwork, Countrywide Visas functions as a holistic support system. Their guidance covers everything from cultural integration to post-arrival settling, creating a comprehensive experience.
Ajeet Sisodiya
Ajeet Sisodiya
Countrywide Visas leverages technology to enhance their services. Their technologically advanced approach streamlines communication and ensures a modern and efficient process.
With an international perspective, Countrywide Visas understands the intricacies of global immigration. Their awareness of worldwide trends and regulations benefits clients seeking to relocate.
Dhruv Sardar
Dhruv Sardar
In times of unexpected challenges, Countrywide Visas proves to be exceptional crisis management experts. Their ability to navigate uncertainties ensures clients stay on track.
Countrywide Visas goes beyond legalities, offering cultural sensitivity training. This prepares clients for the nuances of their new environment, fostering a smoother transition.
Countrywide Visas doesn't just guide; they educate. Their wealth of educational resources equips clients with knowledge, empowering them to make informed decisions.
Facing a problem with my application was stress-free, thanks to Countrywide Visas. Their efficient problem resolution showcased their commitment to client satisfaction.

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