EB-5 Investor Visa


The EB-5 visa for Immigrant Investors is provided in United States and this kind of visa was created by the Immigration Act of 1990. Like many other countries, the U.S. also offers a means of entry for rich and prosperous people who will pump money into the country's economy. This is wwl known as the employment Fifth Preference or EB-5 immigrant visa that permits permanent residence entry to the U.S. Moreover, applicants for a U.S. green card depends on investment must not only invest almost between $500,000 and $1million in a U.S. business, they need to take an immediate role in that business

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UAE investor Visa

There are usually two ways of getting the UAE investor visa the one of which is establishing your own UAE company or you can either invest in a UAE real estate. By investing in Real Estate, person get more chances to apply for a Visa which can be properly explained depending on the property that is bought and generally there can be an Investor Visa offered at a fee and is offered by the person who is sponsoring from the development of purchase. This again offers you the capability to attain a fantastic rental yield and get an advantage of the capital appreciation which is perfectly healthy in Dubai and the UAE in general in the year 2013. It is also possible to create your own UAE Company by using a Free Zone Company Trade License and it permits you to have your own ownership over your Company, also providing you the opportunity to have your own visa.

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UAE Invest
Australia Visa

Australian Investor Visas

There is an array of Australian business visas for the investors who are looking for the opportunities to set up their own business in Australia and looking for an employer-sponsored worker.

For the visa services, regulatory arrangements can be altered from time-to-time. All the potential investors and workers should review the related information offered in the web portal links below to get the current information.

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United Kingdom Investor Visa

United Kingdom has been a dream destination for lots of people who want to emigrate, specifically from India, Pakistan, China and Arab nations. UK has developed at large parameters, and has high-tech infrastructure which is ideal for business and family relocation.

Here, one needs to know the actual visa procedure of UK. People usually get the 2 types of programs for UK.

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UK Investor Visa

Comparison Of Investment Immigration By Country