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Abhishek’s PR Visa Case| Countrywide Visas Canada PR Visa Client


Process With Countrywide Visas


Abhishek Initiated His Process With Countrywide Visas

In October 2016, Abhishek came to our Countrywide Visas office for Canada Permanent Residency Visa. He had a lot of queries and doubts in his mind at that time. Then he was introduced to our immigration Experts.


Abhishek Cleared His Doubts With Our Immigration Consultants

When Abhishek came to us with his queries, he was very much confused about the whole process. Our immigration expert dealt with all his queries. He explained each and every step of the process to Abhishek for his satisfaction. After that, Abhishek decided to trust us and proceeded further with countrywide visas. He paid all the required fees. Our experts handled this case in a professional manner. Then, our immigration experts instructed him to appear for IELTS.


Scored Recommendable Points In IELTS

Abhishek appeared for IELTS as per the instructions which is an English language proficiency test for higher education and global migration. Finally, the result of IELTS arrived and as per the expectations of our case manager and the immigration expert, he got a recommendable score in IELTS with CLB 8.5.


Got Invitation From Canada

Getting a premium track continuously with grace is a difficult task for all of us. This case was professionally handled by the immigration expert and the case manager, Abhishek received an ITA with scores of 458 points in the CRS. He was regularly updated about the application process during the whole process.


Hurrey!! PR Visa Confirmation

His documentation work was also handled in a smooth manner by our case managers. With all the hard work and appropriate teamwork of the entire immigration expert as well as the Case managers, Abhishek received his confirmation of Permanent Residency Visa for Canada.

Abhishek’s Written Testimonial

To Team

I received my passport day before and the entire credit goes to you for this. How I wish my case manager was here to see this as she was there every step of the way with me. Since the day I walked into your office I have been walked through and helped with every little detail.

From eligibility check to WES process and submission of documents especially with reference letter as my company wasn’t providing them.

My document submission was done very swiftly and there was no delay. The services provided by the case managers were excellent and will recommend them to everyone as they are the best if anyone wants to go abroad. They are very helpful and knowledgeable about everything, complete professionals.

May you keep helping people like this to achieve their dream goals as this was my dream to go to Canada. Thank You!

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