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Germany Freelancer Visa Based on your professional role, you have the option to apply for one of two German freelance visas:

1. Freelance Employment Visa (Freiberufler): This visa is available if your occupation contributes to the German economy. Eligible professions include artists, writers, self-employed doctors, engineers, language teachers, interpreters, auditors, and architects.

2. Self-Employment Visa (Selbständiger): You can obtain this visa if you are the founder of a company, a sole proprietor, or a managing representative of a corporation. Additionally, approval is based on the economic relevance of your profession or business to Germany, the positive impact on the German economy, and the financing of your business through equity or a loan commitment.

Germany Freelance Visa Requirements

To be eligible for a Germany freelance visa, you need to meet the following criteria:

  1. 1. Your profession must be in demand or economically beneficial to Germany.
  2. 2. Demonstrate client interest by obtaining letters of intent from prospective clients who plan to hire you.
  3. 3. Provide evidence of financial stability, with a minimum annual income of €9,000 to support a comfortable lifestyle.
  4. 4. Obtain legal residence in Germany and register your address at a local registration office (Bürgeramt) after securing accommodation.
  5. 5. If you are aged 45 or older, ensure you have a sufficient pension plan. By the age of 67, meet one of the following conditions:
    • * A monthly pension of €1,332.36 for at least 12 years.
    • * Assets totaling at least €194,631.

Meeting these requirements will enhance your chances of obtaining a Germany freelance visa.

Germany Freelance Visa Requirements

The documentation needed for the Germany Freelance Visa includes:

  1. 1. Completed national visa application form, filled out accurately.
  2. 2. Valid national passport.
  3. 3. Two recent biometric photographs.
  4. 4. Paid visa application fee, with proof of payment.
  5. 5. Health insurance, with the option to choose between public or private coverage. Travel insurance may be required, especially for entry visa applicants.
  6. 6. Recommendation letters from previous employers.
  7. 7. Updated CV detailing professional and academic experiences.
  8. 8. Portfolio showcasing printed samples of past work experience.
  9. 9. Professional authorization, such as a license, to demonstrate expertise and relevance to the intended profession, especially for fields like Medicine or Law.
  10. 10. Certificates of former education to provide evidence of academic achievements.
  11. 11. Proof of financial means, including:
  • * Latest bank statements from a home-country bank to demonstrate sufficient funds.
  • * Profit/loss statement outlining potential monthly earnings and expenses from freelance activities.
  • * Proof of an adequate pension plan, required for applicants aged 45 and above.
  1. 12. Evidence of a freelance plan.
  2. 13. Letters of commitment from future clients/employers, with at least two letters expressing their intent to employ you upon entering Germany.

How to Secure a German Freelancer Visa:

To acquire a German freelancer visa, follow these steps:

  1. 1. Schedule an appointment with the nearest German embassy. Locate German missions abroad here.
  2. 2. Assemble the required documents for a freelancer visa in advance. The embassy will specify the necessary documents. Find them listed below.
  3. 3. Attend the appointment. Submit the completed document checklist, along with your biometrics (fingerprints and photo). Your passport will be retained and returned after a decision is made.
  4. 4. Await a decision. Typically, you’ll receive a decision within 15 days of application submission. During peak times, like holidays, processing may take longer. If granted, the visa will be affixed to your passport. Some embassies return passports via courier, while others require personal collection.
  5. 5. Travel to Germany. Once the visa is approved, you can enter Germany and embark on your freelancing journey.

How to Secure a German Freelancer Visa:

Upon reaching Germany and securing your freelance visa, follow these steps:

1. Address Registration: After finding accommodation, such as a rented apartment, register your address at the local Citizens Service Centre (Bürgeramt). You’ll receive an Anmeldebestätigung (registration certificate) and a copy, essential for opening a bank account and obtaining a residence permit.

2. Bank Account Setup: Once your address is registered, open a German bank account, crucial for your work and transactions. You’ll need your registration certificate (Meldebescheinigung) and passport. Different banks may have additional requirements.

3. Tax Office Registration: Initiate your freelance journey by registering with the German Tax Office (Finanzamt), declaring your freelance activity/business, and obtaining a freelance tax number (Steuernummer). Consider reaching out to Sorted, a professional company specialized in handling freelancer taxes in Germany.

4. Tax Collection Questionnaire: Complete the online Questionnaire for Tax Collection (Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung) on the German Ministry of Finances website or request it from the Finanzamt. Have your Tax ID Number, bank information, and a detailed description of your freelance activity or business ready.

5. Freelance Tax Number: Patience is key; it might take a few weeks to receive your freelance tax number (Steuernummer) via mail.

6. Residence Permit Application: After completing the above steps, submit your application for a freelancer residence permit at the Foreigner’s Registration Office (Ausländerbehörde) within three months of arriving in Germany.

What is the Cost of a Freelancer Visa in Germany?

The charges associated with the German freelancer visa include:

1. Embassy fee: €75

2. Ausländerbehörde fee: €100 (€28.80 for Turkish citizens)

3. Extension of Temporary Residence Permit: €100

4. Settlement (PR) Permit: €124

How Long Does it Take to Process a Freelancer Visa in Germany? Typically, the approval process for a Germany freelancer visa spans three to four months. The processing duration is influenced by factors such as your country of application, the time of year, and whether additional documents need to be submitted.

Taxes for Freelancers in Germany

Navigating taxes as a freelancer in Germany is a unique journey compared to those employed by others. Freelancers are responsible for covering the entire tax burden independently.

For freelancers or the self-employed, income tax ranges from 14% to 45% of their earnings. The tax rate you fall under is contingent on your income:

1. If your annual income is €9,744 or less, you are exempt from income tax.

2. In the range of €9,745 to €57,918 per year, the tax rate varies from 14% to 42%.

3. Earnings between €57,919 and €274,612 incur a 42% tax rate.

4. If your income surpasses €274,613 per year, the tax rate is 45%.


Freelancers in Germany are exempt from social security payments. However, it’s advisable to secure your own health, disability, and life insurance.

As an international student, freelancing in Germany is prohibited. The alternative is to apply for both a student visa and a freelancing visa.

Despite being one of the world’s wealthiest nations, Germany is not excessively pricey. Affordability depends on your lifestyle. Here’s a breakdown of essential expenses:


  • One-bedroom apartment in the city center: €872.69 (per month)
  • One-bedroom apartment outside the city center: €621.57 (per month)
  • Three-bedroom apartment in the city center: €1,593
  • Three-bedroom apartment outside the city center: €1,186
  • Basic utilities for an 85m2 apartment: €242.59


  • One bottle of water: €0.53
  • Loaf of White Bread: €1.71
  • One liter of milk: €0.96
  • 1kg local cheese: €11.79


  • One-way ticket for local transport: €2.80
  • One liter of gasoline: €2.17
  • Taxi 1km: €2.00

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Eligibility Criteria for the Germany Freelancer Visa?

To qualify for the Germany Freelancer Visa, applicants must demonstrate their expertise in their chosen freelancing field. A concrete plan, proof of financial stability, and a clear understanding of the German market are essential. Ensure you meet these criteria before embarking on the application journey.

How Long Does the Visa Application Process Take?

The duration of the visa application process varies, but on average, it takes around 8–12 weeks. Timely and accurate submission of all required documents can expedite the process. Patience is key, and thorough preparation ensures a smooth experience.

Can I Bring Dependents on a Germany Freelancer Visa?

Unfortunately, the Germany Freelancer Visa does not allow for dependents. However, family members can explore other visa options to join you in Germany. It’s advisable to consult with immigration authorities for personalized guidance on family reunification.

Are There Language Requirements for the Visa?

While German language proficiency is not mandatory, it can enhance your overall experience in Germany. Engaging in language courses or demonstrating basic language skills may positively impact your application and integration into the local community.

What Should I Expect in the Embassy Interview?

The embassy interview assesses your freelancing plans, language skills, and financial stability. Prepare by thoroughly understanding your business proposal, showcasing your language proficiency, and presenting a solid financial plan. Confidence and clarity are key to a successful interview.

How Do Taxes Work for Freelancers in Germany?

Freelancers in Germany are subject to income tax and must navigate various tax classifications. Understanding deductible expenses and seeking professional advice can optimize your tax situation. Stay informed and compliant to ensure a smooth financial journey.

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