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Canada-SINP (Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program)

National Occupational Classification
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Saskatchewan is notably diverse in comparison to other Canadian provinces. The surrounding vegetation and general pleasantness heighten its allure. Furthermore, immigrants will feel more at home with the economy improving and the population diversifying. In the period between 2019 and 2022, 13,364 newcomers settled in Saskatchewan.

What is the Saskatchewan PNP Program?

The Saskatchewan PNP is a subset of the larger provincial nominee system. It lets the province of Saskatchewan hire people with the right skills. The hiring is based on the province’s job market and economic needs.

What is the Canadian PNP program?

Foreign workers who want to move to Canada can use this program.

The Provincial Nominee Program is taken part in by eleven provinces and territories.

The provincial nominee program does not include Quebec or Nunavut.

Through the PNP, you can get Canadian citizenship for life.

You can become a Canadian citizen after three years.

When applying for the Saskatchewan PNP, what do you need to know to be eligible?

The Saskatchewan PNP has different requirements for who can join. It depends on which sub-stream of immigration.

The International Skilled Worker programme has a sub-category called “Employment Offer,” which has its own rules about who can apply. To be eligible, you must:


You need 60 points or more on the SINP (Saskatchewan’s Immigrant Nominee Program) evaluation grid.

A CLB score of 4 or above is required.

You need at least one year of relevant job experience within the last decade.

Have a genuine employment offer in hand.

We need a full-time, permanent position.

This position requires a NOC Level 0 Expert, a Level 1 Associate, or Level 2 Basic holder.

An official Letter of Employment Approval from the SINP is required.

You’ll need to prove your eligibility for a licence in Saskatchewan.

You need to have a valid licence in Saskatchewan if...

This is an apprenticeship-required field.


This is a career with strict guidelines and requirements.

The conditions that must be met for eligibility in the Occupation In-Demand sub-category:

You need 60 or more points to pass SINP’s point assessment grid.

You must have finished school after high school or Apprenticeship or Training.

You must score four on the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB).

You need some kind of formal education behind you such as Certificate or Degree or diploma.

After completing your professional Job training, you will need to apply for a licence in Saskatchewan.

You must have worked somewhere before (Required previous work experience).

  There must be much skill in the work experience.

  It must not be on the Excluded Occupations List of jobs.

  It has to have been for at least one year in the last ten.

  Full-time work experience is required.

  It needs to be related to your education and the job you want to get.

  It must be in a NOC 0, A, or B job that is in demand.

Proof that the money was paid

Settlement plan

The Saskatchewan Express Entry immigration stream has the following minimum qualifying requirements:

You need a score of 60 or above on the SINP (Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program) evaluation grid to be considered for nomination.

You need to have passed the required language test.

You must have finished school after Apprenticeship or high school or Training.

You must have a diploma or Degree.

If you have finished your job training, you must apply for a licence in Saskatchewan.

You must have worked in a skilled job before.

It must not be on the Excluded Occupations List of jobs.

The bare minimum of required professional experience for a highly skilled career is as follows:

For skilled professionals: One year of job experience within the last ten years.

For skilled tradespeople: Two years of job experience during the previous five years.

Skilled professionals and tradespeople must have worked in Canada for at least one year in the last three years.

It must be related to your education and the job you are applying for. It must be in a NOC 0, A, or B job that is in demand.

Proof that the money was paid and a Settlement plan.

For the immigration sub-category “Skilled Worker with an Existing Work Permit,” you must be:

You must have a SINP Job Approval Letter that is still valid.

You must have a genuine offer of employment.

The job must be full-time and permanent.

The job offer must come from a company in Saskatchewan.

The job must be listed in the NOC’s skill level 0, A, B, or designated trade.

You must have a work permit from Citizenship Canada, Refugees, and Immigration that is still valid (IRCC)

You must have worked for the employer in Saskatchewan for at least six months.

At least four must be on the CLB (if you have a NOC C occupation)

You must show proof of eligibility if you want to apply for a licence in Saskatchewan (if needed)

  • Semi-skilled Agricultural Workers with an Existing Work Permit are only considered for immigration if they meet the below requirements:
  • You must have a SINP Job Approval Letter that is still valid.
  • You must have an actual offer of employment.
  • The job offer must come from a company in Saskatchewan. The job must be full-time and permanent.
  • The job has to be on the NOC skill level list:
  • NOC 8432: Worker in a nursery or a greenhouse
  • NOC 8431: General Farm Worker
  • A valid work permit is needed.
  • You have to have worked for the company for at least six months.

The permit to work must be for:

Temporary Foreign Worker Program or 

International Experience Canada or 

the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program

At least four must be on the CLB (if you have a NOC C occupation)

You must have graduated from high school.

The immigration sub-program for healthcare workers has a wide range of qualifying conditions.

The requirements for the Doctor stream are:

  • Have a valid work permit
  • Have a legal Letter for SINP Job Approval
  • Have a job offer for full-time, permanent work


The job must come from:

  • You are currently working at a health education institution or
  • A health authority for a province
  • Details of permanent plans to practise medicine. 
  • Have been practising medicine in Saskatchewan for at least six months.

Nurses must meet specific eligibility criteria in order to participate in this track.

Have a valid work permit

Have a valid SINP Job Approval Letter

Already working as a doctor in Saskatchewan for a minimum of 6 months

Have a job offer for permanent work (full-time)

You need to be employed in a health-related field that is recognised by the licencing organisation, the local health department, or both.

At least one year of formal education or training after high school is required.

The job must be in one NOC 0, C, B, or A category.

The job applicant must be from:

The Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, the Saskatchewan Health Authority, or a health employer

At least a four on the CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) (if you have a NOC C occupation)

You must show proof of eligibility if you want to apply for a licence in Saskatchewan (if needed)

The following qualifications are needed to apply for the Long-Haul Truck Drivers immigration route:

Must have a valid Class 1A driver’s licence from Saskatchewan.

Must work for a Saskatchewan-approved trucking company. Must have a temporary work permit and work for at least six months.

At least four must be on the CLB.

Have a valid SINP Job Approval Letter

Have a job offer for full-time, permanent work

The Hospitality Sector Project requires applicants to meet the following minimal standards:

Needs a valid work permit

Through the Labour Market Impact Assessment, the work permit must be given (LMIA)

You must be working right now in:

NOC-6513: Beverage Server/Food

NOC-6731: housekeeping staff and Cleaning

NOC-6711: Kitchen Helper/Food Counter Attendant

You must have finished grade 12 of school.

You must work for a Saskatchewan company that is approved.

At least six months of work is needed.

You must have a genuine offer of employment.

The job offer must be for full-time work that lasts forever.

Have a valid SINP Letter of Employment.

The CLB score must be four or higher.

Requirements for a Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program Visa

Different things are needed for the Saskatchewan PNP. It depends on the programme for letting people in.

But some public documents are required. These things:

Evidence of money

Proof of identity

Medical test results

Valid passport

Evaluation of Educational Credentials (ECA)

Letter of job offer

Marriage certificate (if your spouse is immigrating with you)

Proof of having worked before

Certificate of Information on Dependent Children (if your dependent child is accompanying you)

Bank statements

The results of a language test

Settlement plan

Police Clearance Certificate (Proof of character)

How to Apply for PR in Saskatchewan?

Here’s how to get permanent residency in 2022 if you don’t have a job offer:

Step 1: Make a profile for Express Entry.

Step 2: When asked where you would like to live, say Saskatchewan.

Step 3: Make a profile for yourself on the SINP website.

Step 4: Once you’ve done all the paperwork, it will be looked over by the Saskatchewan immigration officials.

Step 5: You will then be told when you can upload your PDF documents.

Step 6: You’ll get a provincial nomination if they think you’re a good fit.

Step 7: Fill out an application to live there permanently.

Step 8: Then you’ll get your visa for the visa avenue.

You can now move to Canada!

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Are temporary foreign workers eligible for the immigration programme under the Hospitality Sector Project?

Yes, if you are a temporary worker from another country, you can apply for the Hospitality Sector Project immigration programme.

But still:

Your company will provide the SINP with a completed Hospitality Sector Recruitment and Settlement Plan form (SINP-500-4).

If you are a student in Saskatchewan, you may qualify for the Student Stream of immigration.

The Saskatchewan Student Stream is a type of immigration for people who are:

  • Students who have gone to school in Canada and graduated
  • Students who graduated from a school in Saskatchewan
Which categories are prioritized for admission in Saskatchewan's immigration nominee programme (SINP)?

Under the Saskatchewan immigration nominee programme (SINP), the main ways people can move to Saskatchewan are:

  • Entrepreneur and Farm
  • Saskatchewan Experience
  • International Skilled Worker
What immigration sub-categories fall under the International Skilled Worker category?
  • Saskatchewan Express Entry
  • Employment Offer
  • Occupation-In-Demand
Mention the immigration sub-categories under the Saskatchewan Experience category.

The following are sub-categories of the Saskatchewan Experience immigration category:

Semi-Skilled Agriculture Worker with Existing Work Permit

Hospitality Sector Project

Health Professionals

Long-Haul Truck Driver Project


Skilled Worker with Existing Work Permit

When can you apply for Saskatchewan's immigration nominee program, and how do you know it's open?

You have to wait for an invitation to find out whether the Saskatchewan immigration nominee program is accepting new applicants at this time. These invitations are sent out every month. No specific time is specified.

Is Saskatchewan a viable choice for a PNP immigration destination?

To relocate to Saskatchewan through the PNP programme is an excellent idea. For the following causes:

  • Superior standard of living.
  • Living expenses are manageable.
  • They have an excellent standard of living on average.
  • When compared to other markets, the housing market is ordinary.
  • There are many employment opportunities right now.
  • The economy is on the upswing.
Can you explain the SINP Points Evaluation Matrix?

Each candidate is given a score based on the SINP Points Assessment Grid.

  • A number of immigration policies are within its purview.
  • It uses a wide variety of criteria for choosing winners.
  • The total points are 100.
  • The needed minimum is a grade of 60 or above.
  • Candidates that have already submitted an EOI will be graded on this scale.
  • The candidates with the highest scores will be invited.

Suppose two or more candidates are evenly matched on issues. In that case,

  • The winner will have the most substantial ties to the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

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