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Mr. Viswan Kalarikkal | Countrywide Visas Canada PR Visa Client

Process With Countrywide Visas

15 January 2016
Mr. Vithul Viswan Kalarikkal initiated his process with countrywide visas

In January 2017, Mr. Viswan Kalarikkal came to our Countrywide Visas office for Canada Permanent Residency Visa. He enrolled himself with countrywide visas for Canada Permanent Residency visa.

Mr. Vithul Viswan Kalarikkal met with Ms. Karishma for further process.

A meeting was fixed between Mr. Viswan Kalarikkal and our immigration expert. In that meeting, our expert dealt with all of his queries and explained to him the procedure for Canada Permanent Residency Visa. She explained him eligibility criteria and the documents required for the procedure. Our immigration expert handled this case in a professional and smooth manner. Then, our immigration expert asked him to appear for IELTS.

1 December 2016
Scored Recommendable Points In IELTS

As instructed by our immigration expert, Mr. Viswan Kalarikkal appeared for IELTS which is an English language proficiency test for higher education and global migration. Finally, the result of IELTS arrived and as per the expectations of our case manager and the immigration expert, he got a recommendable score in IELTS with CLB 8.  

25 January 2017
Got Invitation From Canada

Getting a premium track continuously with grace is a difficult task for all of us. This case was professionally handled by the immigration expert and the case manager. The whole process was made transparent to him. Because of proper filling and the documentation work, Mr. Viswan Kalarikkal received an ITA with scores of 481 points in the CRS. He was kept updated during the whole process.

10October 2017
Hurrey!! PR Visa Confirmation

With all the hard work and appropriate teamwork of all the immigration experts as well as the Case Manager received the confirmation of Permanent Residency Visa for Canada. He was satisfied with the service provided by our immigration expert and the case manager.

Vithul Viswan Kalarikkal's Success Story

V.V Kalarikkal’s Success Story

V.V Kalarikkal’s Written Testimonial
Definitely Recommended

Dear Countrywide visas,

I am writing this letter to convey my regards for all the help you had done for me to get my permanent resident visa from Canada. Now my visa is stamped and I am going to Canada by the end of this month. 

All the agents that were involved in my case were very helpful, cooperative and always cleared all of my doubts. They really helped me to get all of my documents ready, especially the reference letters, so I was able to submit all of my documents correctly and without any rejection. They also helped me to get my WES (World Education Services) evaluation done for Canada. Also helped me to get my medical done successfully and also in the submission of my proof of fund in the appropriate manner.

As a result of all this work, I got my invitation within 3 months and my passport was stamped in another 4 months. I could not have done all of this within this time frame without the help of Countrywide visas and all the agents involved. Once again I want to thank each and every one of you that were involved in my case.