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Check out the full profile Summary of Ms. Deepshree Bihani

Deepshree Bihani | Countrywide Visas Canada PR Visa Client

Process With Countrywide Visas

26 September 2016
Deepshree Initiated His Process With Countrywide Visas

In September 2016, Deepshri came to us for a meeting or could say immigration inquiry and enrolled with Countrywide Visas for Canada Permanent Residency Visa. Deepshri was very much confused regarding the process and requirements. Then, our immigration expert explained to her each and every detail of the process of migration to Canada.

October 2016
Deepshri Bihani Cleared her doubts with our immigration expert Mr. Lalit

When Deepshri came to us with her queries, she was very much confused about the whole process. A meeting was fixed between Deepshri Bihani and our immigration expert Mr. Lalit. In that meeting, Mr. Lalit cleared all the ambiguity and made her comfortable and explained to her the procedure of the process of migration to Canada. He explained to her the eligibility criteria and the list of documents. Mr. Lalit handled this case professionally. Then, our immigration expert Mr. Lalit instructed her to appear for the IELTS

November 2016
Scored Recommendable Points In IELTS

As instructed by our immigration expert, Deepshri Bihani appeared for IELTS which is an English language proficiency test for higher education and global migration. Finally, the result of IELTS arrived and as per the expectations of our case manager and the immigration expert, he got a recommendable score in IELTS with CLB 7.5.

04 January 2017
Got Invitation From Canada

Getting a premium track continuously with grace is a difficult task for all of us. This case was professionally handled by the immigration expert Mr. Lalit and the case managers Late Ms. Mamta Verma and Ms. Sonali. Deepshri Bihani received an ITA with scores of 468 points in the CRS. She was regularly updated about the application process during the whole process.

28 July 2017
Hurrey!! PR Visa Confirmation

With all the hard work and appropriate teamwork of the entire immigration expert as well as the Case managers, Deepshri Bihani received her confirmation of Permanent Residency Visa for Canada. Her documentation work was also handled in a smooth manner by our case managers.

Deepshree Bihani Documents of Visa Stamping and more

DeepShree Bihani’s Success Story

DeepShree Bihani’s Written Testimonial
Definitely Recommended

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication!!

I will always be grateful to Countrywide Visas Team for helping me with Canada PR Visa processing. From initial screening of my profile by Lalit to first stage documentation by Sonali (which included WES Evaluation, transcripts from different institutes, IELTS, Job description and reference letter etc) you guys were just amazing.  Throughout this process, Sonali was really patient with my queries and doubt.

Once I received my ITA, Mamta was my one point of contract. She helped me throughout the process by guiding me on the format/size/other specification for documents required by the Canadian Embassy. From filing my express entry profile to my RPRF letter and finally to my COPR letter, she was always there for me whenever I had any concerns.

Thanks once again for all your help! I could not have asked for a better team than this! Keep up the good work!