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Mr. Yashodhan’s Spouse Visa Case| Countrywide Visas Canada PR Visa Client

Process With Countrywide Visas

15 November 2016
Yashodhan Initiated His Process With Countrywide Visas

In November 2016, Yashodhan came to us and enrolled with Countrywide Visas for Canada Permanent Residency Visa. Then, a meeting was fixed with Yashodhan and our immigration Expert Mr. Arvind to make him understand the whole procedure of Canada Permanent Residency Visa.

Mr. Yashodhan met with our experts for the further process

Mr. Yashodhan and his spouse both wanted to migrate to Canada. His case was handled by one of our immigration Expert. All of his doubts were cleared by our immigration experts. Yashodhan was given required information regarding the migration process to Canada with his wife. The whole process was made clear to him for his satisfaction. After getting the satisfied information, they both decided to proceed further with countrywide visas.

They were instructed by immigration expert as well as the case manager to appear for IELTS

Scored Recommendable Points In IELTS

IELTS is an English language proficiency test for higher education and global migration. As per instructions, they both appeared for IELTS. Finally, the result of IELTS arrived and as per the expectations of our case manager and the immigration expert, they both got a recommendable score in IELTS with CLB 9.

28June 2017
Got Invitation From Canada

Getting a premium track continuously with grace is a difficult task for all of us. From the starting of filing for PR visa, this case was professionally handled by the documentation team and the case managers, Because of the proper filling and the documentation, Yashodhan and his spouse both received an ITA with scores of 456 points in the CRS. The Entire process was made hassle free and well organized.

10 October 2018
Hurrey!! PR Visa Confirmation

From inquiry to getting PR visa, Yashodhan was kept updating over phone and emails about his and his spouse application process. With all the hard work and appropriate teamwork of all the immigration experts as well as the Case managersMr. Yashodhan and his spouse received the confirmation of Permanent Residency Visa for Canada without facing any issue in filing or documents work.

Yashodhan Documents of Visa Stamping and more

Yashodhan’s Success Story

Yashodhan’s Written Testimonial
Definitely Recommended

I started my association with Countrywide Visas in the month of November 2016. The first engagement started with the calculation of points for eligibility which fortunately I was able to get it through. The HR round with their counterpart in Canada was also a good experience. The next stage was the most important stage i.e. gathering of documentation for applying for the express entry. I appreciate the Countrywide Visas team for showing patience, as it was difficult for me to gather all the documentation while I was in employment from morning 8.30 to evening 7.00. But finally, I managed to gather them and my application along with my spouse was processed through. I would like to specially thank my case manager for giving me timely updates regarding my documentation, my application status etc. Also, I would like to thank my immigration consultant for his timely updates in the initial stages.

Finally, I got the Visa stamping done in the month of October 2017 for me and my spouse. This would have been a bit difficult if Countrywide Visas were not there to help. There were times where there used to constant calls for various missing documentation and it used to be annoying at times. But considering the fact that it got the job done I would like to say that I and my wife are deeply satisfied with the service that Countrywide Visas have provided.