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Before migrating to a new country, an applicant should check his or her eligibility because every country allows only those migrants who are eligible to apply for a PR visa. Basically, this eligibility criterion is to check whether a person is skilled enough to migrate in that country or not. This eligibility is get checked by the team of immigration experts through the below Technical Assessment Form.

Technical assessment form does refer to the wide variety of methods or tools used to evaluate the eligibility of a candidate. Since moving to a new country is not that easy. You must be educated and skilled enough to migrate over there. Every Country has some immigration rule and regulation for a PR visa. As per those rules and regulations, not everyone is eligible to get a PR visa to migrate their dream destinations for a better lifestyle, wealth and career options. If you are eligible then only you will be able to apply for a visa otherwise you will not be able to apply for a visa and hence you cannot migrate over there.

A technical assessment form consists of several factors that determine whether an applicant is eligible to apply for a visa or not by giving a score for those factors. Every factor has some maximum points to offer an applicant. Those factors are nothing but your personal and educational information. It may include your education, work experience, family details etc. There are several types of countries who offer PR visa to the ones who really possess an interest to migrate to another country i.e Canada Permanent Residency Visa (Canada PR Visa), Australia PR Visa etc. Apply to the below form to check your eligibility with one of the best immigration consultants in Delhi.

Technical Assessment Form

    Personal Details

  • Family Details

  • Personal Net-worth

  • Please give your net worth in US Dollar ($) and INR (Indian Rupees).
  • Your Education / Qualification

  • Enter your degrees/diploma/certificates in this manner as per described. We only evaluate formal academic qualifications awarded by recognized secondary and post-secondary institutions. We do not evaluate occupational or trade qualifications.
  • Your Work Experience

  • Please enter your last work experience.
  • Language Skills

  • Abroad connections

  • Security



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