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Australia Distinguished Talent Visa – Subclass 124

National Occupational Classification
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The Subclass 124 Distinguished Talent Visa is a permanent residency option in Australia designed for individuals who have gained international recognition for their exceptional talent and remarkable accomplishments across various fields such as sports, arts, literature, academics, and more. The visa is granted to applicants who are currently outside of Australia.

ISA Migrations & Education Consultants has successfully assisted numerous applicants in navigating the application process for the Distinguished Talent Visa 124. This visa not only allows the primary visa holder to reside permanently in Australia but also extends the opportunity for their family members to join them.

During their stay in the country, visa holders need to be sponsored by an eligible relative. The visa provides the holder and their family members with the privilege to work in Australia and enables the visa holder to sponsor their family members in the future. Additionally, visa holders are eligible to enroll themselves in the public healthcare system of the country.

Given the specific nature of this visa and its similarities to other migration visas, it is recommended to seek detailed information from a Migration Agent in Australia for comprehensive guidance.

Who Can Apply For Australian Visa Subclass 124?

The eligibility criteria for Visa subclass 124 closely align with those of other conditional visas, although there are specific conditions that set it apart. These distinctions are outlined below:

1. Applicants for the Distinguished Talent Visa 124 can be located anywhere globally during the application process, except within immigration clearance.

2. It is required that applicants are outside the country at the time the visa is granted.

3. If currently residing in the country as a visa holder, individuals should carefully assess the eligibility requirements for subclass 858.

What Distinguished Talent Visa Lets You To Do In Australia?

The Distinguished Talent Visa 124 allows the applicant and his or her family member to come and reside in the country. The holder is also allowed to work in the respective field of his or her preference with 124 visas. You can also register in various health care schemes that are available in the country. Travelling to your native for the initial 5 years is possible and after that, if you still want to continue visiting the country, you should get Resident Return (RRV). The Visa subclass 124 grants you to fill application for Australian citizenship if you are eligible.

What Are The Subclass 124 Visa Requirements?

The eligibility criteria for the Distinguished Talent Visa (subclass 124) in Australia align with those of other visas. It is imperative to fulfill the specified requirements for Visa 124, as failure to do so will render the application invalid. The essential Distinguished Talent Visa 124 requirements are outlined below:

1. Age Criteria: There is no specific age requirement for Visa subclass 124. However, if the applicant is below 18 years or above 55 years, they must meet certain conditions to be eligible to reside in the country.

2. Residency Capability: The applicant should possess the capability to reside in Australia.

3. Nomination by a Permanent Resident: The visa must be nominated by an individual who is a permanent resident of Australia.

4. Financial Standing: The applicant should have no outstanding financial dues registered under their name.

5. Visa Rejection or Cancellation: There should be no history of rejection or cancellation of this visa for the applicant.

6. Compliance with Australian Laws: The applicant is required to sign the Australian statement, affirming their commitment to abide by the laws and order of the nation.

7. Health and Character Requirements: The applicant must meet the specified health and character requirements.

General Eligibility Criteria For Distinguished Talent Visa 124

Before applying for the Distinguished Talent Visa 124, it is imperative to fulfill the specified criteria outlined in the eligibility list. The requirements for the 124 visa are detailed as follows:


Visa Status: The 124 visa application will only be considered if there has been no prior rejection or cancellation of the visa while residing in the country.

Australian Visa Statement: Applicants are required to sign a statement affirming their commitment to uphold the laws of the country and adhere to the Australian way of life.

Outstanding Dues: Prior to submitting an application for Visa subclass 124, any debts registered under the applicant’s name or that of their family members must be settled.

Health Requirements: Applicants, as well as their family members, must meet the health specifications set by the government.

Character Requirement: Individuals aged 16 and above must fulfill the character requirements specified by the country’s administration.

Functional English: Candidates applying for the visa must possess functional English if they are above 18 years, or alternatively, pay an additional charge for it.

Age Requirement: While there is no specific age requirement, individuals below 18 years and above 55 years must demonstrate fitness to reside in the country.

Nomination Details: A valid nomination is essential for this visa. The nominator must meet country specifications, being a permanent resident, an Australian citizen, or a New Zealand citizen. The nominator should also be specialized in the relevant field.

Internationally Recognized: Applicants must have internationally recognized achievements in areas such as sports, arts, academia, or literature. Exceptional outstanding achievements or higher qualifications compared to others in the field are prerequisites.

Job In The Country: Applicants should demonstrate the ability to secure employment in their respective field and establish independent residence in the country. Income from fields other than their specialized area cannot be considered, even if it contributes to the overall income.

Benefit To The Country: Successful applicants are expected to contribute to the nation socially, economically, or culturally.

Distinguished Talent Visa Subclass 124 Checklist

The application for the Distinguished Talent Visa Subclass 124 must include all necessary details for successful processing. To ensure the accuracy of your Australian Distinguished Talent Visa application, it is advisable to use a checklist.

1. To be eligible for Visa Subclass 124, nomination by a sponsor is essential. Gather all required documents, including health and character assessments, as well as evidence of international achievements.

2. Submit the application in hard copy and dispatch it via courier to the designated address.

3. Upon receipt of your application, confirm whether the processing organization requires any additional information. If necessary, promptly provide the requested details.

5. If your visa application is approved, you will receive confirmation along with relevant details. In the event of a rejection, you will be informed of the reasons, and please note that the application fee is non-refundable.

What Is The Processing Time For Visa Subclass 124?

The distinguished talent visa in Australia holds significant importance, and its processing time is contingent upon the submission of the application form. Several factors influencing the processing time for the 124 visa are outlined below:

1. Adequate completion of the application form, ensuring inclusion of all necessary details essential for the approval of Distinguished Talent Visa Subclass 124.

2. Timely response to any queries posed by the authorities concerning the submitted application form.

3. Efficient submission of the requested details within the stipulated time frame.

Name of the VisaProcessing time
Distinguished Talent Visa Subclass 12475% Applications90% applications
23 months26 months

The Subclass 124 Distinguished Talent Visa is designed for individuals recognized for their exceptional accomplishments. The Migration Agent Australia has facilitated their acquisition of the distinguished talent visa Australia seamlessly. At ISA Migrations & Education Consultants, we are renowned for our exemplary services in assisting applicants in obtaining Subclass 124 visas. For a smooth visa processing experience in Australia, reach out to our proficient team!

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