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Best Canada Immigration Consultants in India,

National Occupational Classification

Best Canada Immigration Consultants

Are you considering a move to a foreign country?

If so, it’s essential to explore an immigration destination that provides diverse immigration programs, along with a straightforward application process and various social, legal, and economic benefits post-immigration. Canada stands out as an excellent choice, boasting a reputation as one of the most welcoming countries globally, receiving over 300,000 immigration applications annually. Furthermore, as part of its three-year immigration plan, the Canadian federal government aims to welcome one million new immigrants as permanent residents. To delve deeper into this opportunity, keep reading.

Best Immigration Consultants in Delhi for Canada.

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Why one should immigrate to Canada?

In the realm of immigration destinations, Canada stands unrivaled when various factors are considered. Below outlines the distinctive features of Canadian immigration that draw in multitudes of individuals to its diverse and welcoming shores.

Diverse Immigration Programs: Canada boasts a multitude of immigration programs, ensuring that every eligible foreign national has a pathway to realize their dream of settling in the country.

Immigrant-Friendly Policies: In contrast to many other nations, Canada extends liberal and accommodating immigration policies, fostering an environment of inclusion and diversity.

High-Quality Lifestyle: Reports affirm Canada as the premier country in providing a top-tier quality of life for its residents, making it an appealing destination for those seeking a superior standard of living.

Straightforward Citizenship Process: Upon attaining Permanent Residency in Canada, individuals find a streamlined pathway to apply for Canadian citizenship, facilitating a smooth transition into full-fledged membership.

Abundant Job Opportunities: As one of the world’s leading economies, Canada opens its doors to a plethora of job opportunities across various domains, offering a promising landscape for career growth.

Safe and Secure Environment: Canada distinguishes itself with a notably low incidence of safety issues compared to other countries. Whether arriving as a student or a professional, individuals can expect equal and fair treatment, enjoying a secure environment throughout their stay.

Canada PR Benefits:

Once granted a PR visa, individuals gain access to a host of privileges:

1. PR holders and their accompanying family members can reside, study, and work anywhere in Canada without restrictions.

2. PR holders and their family members are entitled to free subsidized healthcare.

3. PR holders have the opportunity to sponsor family members, relatives, or friends for a Permanent Residency visa.

4. After residing in Canada for three years, PR holders can apply for citizenship.

5. Children of PR holders can enjoy the advantages of free school education and subsidized university education in Canada.

What are the key pathways of immigration to Canada?

Skilled Worker Pathway: Canada, known for its economic stability, provides numerous job opportunities for foreign nationals across various sectors such as IT, electronics, healthcare, and construction. The National Occupational Classification (NOC) system categorizes occupations into Skill Type 0 (management), Skill Type A (professional), and Skill Type B (technical and skilled trades). The Skilled Worker Pathway, including programs like the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Quebec Skilled Worker Class, and Canadian Experience Class, invites candidates with work experience in Skill Type 0, A, or B for permanent residency through Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs.

Business and Investor Pathway: Canada attracts foreign investors and businesspersons through various immigration pathways. Meeting specific criteria, including a minimum investment amount, qualifies them for a permanent residency visa.

Study Visa Pathway: Canada is a prominent destination for international students due to its quality education and a wide range of academic and vocational courses. The government views these students as crucial to the Canadian economy, granting them permanent residency and citizenship.

Family Sponsorship Pathway: Eligible family members, such as spouses, parents, grandparents, or dependent children of Canadian citizens or permanent residents, can apply for a Canada PR visa through the family sponsorship pathway.

Work Permit Pathway: To work in Canada, immigrants need a valid work permit or permanent resident status. After obtaining a work permit, individuals can apply for permanent residency. Some cases may require a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from a Canadian employer.

Visitor Visa Pathway: Individuals seeking a temporary visit to their family in Canada can apply for a visitor visa.

What are immigration programs in Canada?

Express entry:

Express entry is an electronic application management program issued by IRCC for skilled worker immigrants who want Canadian permanent residency visas. It has three economic categories, Federal Skilled Worker Class, Federal Skilled Trades Class, and Canadian Experience Class.

Federal Skilled Worker Class:

The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) is a point-based immigration program that qualifies for Canada Express Entry. The program is designed to nominate eligible skilled workers who are interested in migrating to Canada.

Federal Skilled Trades Class:

Federal Skilled Trades Class supports the entry of potential immigrants who are skilled and experienced in their respective niche of expertise.

Canadian Experience Class:

Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is nothing but a category for immigrants in Canada who have skilled work experience in Canada. This program is for temporary foreign workers who are willing to be permanent residents in Canada.

Canada Family visa:

A Canada Family visa is a way to sponsor your family to immigrate to Canada as a permanent residents. Through this category, family members can reunite with their loved ones in Canada.

Canada spouse visa:

A Spouse visa is a sub-category of a family visa. Through a spouse visa, an applicant can sponsor his or her life partner for immigration to Canada as a permanent resident.

Provincial Nominee Program:

All Canadian provinces and territories except Quebec and Nunavut have their respective Provincial Nominee Programs to meet the gaps in their labor market. In total there are 11 PNPs to grant PR to foreign nationals.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program:

Quebec is one of the vibrant multi-cultural provinces of Canada. The government of Quebec and the Federal government of Canada developed the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). Through this program highly educated and trained foreign nationals are selected to immigrate to Quebec as skilled workers.

What are the key requirements for Canadian immigration?

To move to Canada, you need to meet certain criteria, and here’s a simplified breakdown:

Language Skills: You should be comfortable in either English or French, the official languages. To prove this, you’ll need to take a language proficiency test like IELTS, TEF, CELPIP, or similar.

Education: If you studied abroad, you’ll need to get your education assessed by an authority like WES (World Education Service). This involves providing an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) Record.

Health and Character Check: Before getting the green light (ITA – Invitation to Apply), you’ll have to undergo a medical exam and provide a police clearance certificate. This ensures you’re in good health and have a clean record.

Other Factors: Depending on the immigration program, there are additional factors to consider, such as age, work experience, job offers, and connections in Canada.

Remember, these requirements can vary between programs, so it’s crucial to understand the specifics of the one you’re applying for.

What is the processing time for Canadian immigration?

Getting your Canadian immigration application processed involves a few key factors that can affect the time it takes. Here’s a breakdown:

Type of Immigration Program: Different immigration programs have different processing times. The federal express entry program, for example, is the quickest, taking around six months for Canadian immigration.

Documentation: Gathering the right documents is crucial. Things like your IELTS scorecard, ECA report, birth certificate, health certificate, PCC, and Passport are a must. Make sure everything is complete and accurate to avoid any hiccups in your visa application.

Eligibility Criteria: It’s important to note that the Canadian government only considers eligible candidates for immigration. Before diving into the process, check if you meet the eligibility criteria for the specific program you’re interested in. They’re pretty strict about this, so it’s a good idea to ensure you qualify before starting the application.

What is the Canadian immigration point system?

In Canada, they use a point system to check out immigration applications. The criteria might vary based on the specific immigration program you’re going for, but the usual things they look at include your age, work history, education, language skills, and more.

How to calculate Canadian immigration points?

Curious about moving to Canada? Your eligibility for Canadian immigration is based on points, and if you meet the minimum requirements, you could get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency in Canada through regular draws. Want to know your points? Reach out to our immigration experts and fill out a quick, free technical assessment form today!

How to get support and assistance to apply for Canadian immigration?

Countrywide Visas is growing rapidly in the world of immigration consulting. Our dedicated team of immigration experts is here to make the process smooth and professional for you. Whether you have questions or need assistance with filing your immigration applications, we’re just a call or email away.

Feel free to reach out to us at 08130078449 or drop us an email at You can also fill out our free Technical Assessment Form to have our Immigration Specialists give you a call back. Just fill out the form, and our experts will guide you over the phone or in person, providing you with the best options to make your dream of settling abroad a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Canada immigration consultants in India worth the investment?

Absolutely. The intricate nature of immigration processes demands professional guidance. Consultants streamline the journey, minimizing errors and maximizing success.

How long does the immigration process take?

The timeline varies, but on average, it takes 6-12 months. Factors such as the chosen immigration program and completeness of documents influence the duration.

Can I apply for immigration without a consultant?

While it’s possible, the intricate process is best navigated with expert assistance. Consultants ensure you meet all requirements and submit a comprehensive application.

What sets top-tier consultants apart?

Top consultants boast in-depth knowledge, transparent communication, and a proven track record. Client testimonials often highlight these key differentiators.

How much do immigration consultants charge?

Fees vary among consultants. Choose one with a clear fee structure to avoid unexpected costs. The investment is worthwhile for a smooth immigration journey.

Can consultants help with job placements in Canada?

While consultants primarily focus on immigration processes, some offer additional services, including job placement assistance. Inquire with your chosen consultant for details.

Countrywide Visas stands as the leading immigration consultant in Delhi, renowned for our exceptional services. Our journey commenced in 2015 with the mission of providing accurate information and lawful documentation guidance to eager individuals.

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